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    When Culver City residents are informed and active in local government and elections, our families, our communities, and our state will benefit.  We invite you to get involved with the Culver City Prosperity Project. Follow us and view our blog to receive updates on issues, candidates and election outcomes.  Our goal is to help you play your part in the political and policy-making process and have a say in the future prosperity and competitiveness of Culver City, LA County and California.

    The Culver City Prosperity Project is a nonpartisan endeavor of employers located in the greater Culver City area and Culver City Chamber of Commerce and is designed to help educate employees and residents about issues that on a local and state level impact job security, economic competitiveness,  economic development – and ultimately our future prosperity.

    Through the Culver City Prosperity Project, employers, employees and residents can obtain information and materials that explain, in simple language and a nonpartisan way, the importance of City, County and State elections. This includes information on candidates, issues and public policies that affect job security and the economy – information every citizen should consider when they go to the polls to vote.

    Check back frequently to find more information about City, County and State election processes, and be sure you and your family are registered to vote and exercise that right during the Special, Primary and General Elections.

    Why the Prosperity Project Matters

    Every day, government actions influence the quality of life for Californians. They affect jobs, wages, benefits, health care, economic development and the livelihood of every California employee. Educating yourself and your peers on issues, policies and elections is the key to making a difference in our city, county and state. Culver City Prosperity Project aims to provide employee and resident voters easy to understand, nonpartisan information using resources and tools so that you can be informed and involved in Culver City, LA County and California policy and politics.

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