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    Friday, June 23, 2017
    Culver City Chamber of Commerce President/CEOAnnounces His Retirement After Three Decades of ServiceSteven J. Rose, President/CEO of the Culver City Chamber of Commerce, announced his retirement at the chamber’s June Board of Directors meeting this morning. Rose has served as president/CEO of the Culver City Chamber of Commerce for over three decades beginning in 1987 and will stay on until a ...read more
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    Monday, June 19, 2017
    Wednesday, June 28 is set for our annual Culver EXPO’17, part of Culver City’s Centennial Celebration. CulverEXPO will be held at the Veterans Memorial Auditorium from 3:30-6:30PM, the auditorium is located at Culver Blvd. and Overland Ave., admission to the EXPO as well as parking will be free along Culver Blvd. parking lots. “Taste of the Chamber” will include restaurants, grocery store, yet to ...read more
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    Friday, April 21, 2017
    The 37th Annual Culver City Mayor’s Luncheon hit high notes with the earliest sell out in our history and ranked as the third highest in attendance.   Mayor Clarke decided to put some change in the program by starting a new tradition of awarding the first annual Culver City Citizen of the Year Award to longtime community supporter John Riordan of John Riordan Plumbing.   John Riordan who turns ...read more
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    Thursday, January 05, 2017
    Happy New Year 2017!  We begin 2017 with a raise in our sales tax to 9.75% and the raise in the minimum wage for businesses employing over 25 people to $10.50, next year in 2018 all business will be required to pay $10.50 per hour.    In Sacramento, there is a one party monopoly on power with both houses of the legislature having veto proof majorities, meaning that if Governor Brown would veto ...read more
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    Thursday, November 17, 2016
    All the taxes on the November 8, 2016 General Election Ballot passed with over whelming support, even though some needed a 2/3 majority, which they received. A half cent sales tax increase for transportation, a property tax increase on the county level for parks and a storm water tax in Culver City to assist in the city complying with the Environmental Protection Agency.   The extension of the ...read more
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    Thursday, November 10, 2016
    Veterans Day 2016 should find us a new President-Elect of the United States of America after a long noisy divisive campaign. I and hope millions of Americans will go forward to work for the betterment of all American Citizens through wide spread economic growth.   Approaching the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I, the "war to end all wars," was originally honored as Armistice Day, ...read more
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    Thursday, November 03, 2016
    Not only will there be change at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave next year, Culver City will be seeing an ever increasing pace of change in our local economy! Change for the sake of change may not always be good; change that plans on bringing a better standard of living for many people has the opportunity of lifting more people out of government assistance.   The City of Culver City is building out Culver ...read more
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    Thursday, October 27, 2016
    As we near November 8th General Election, the only thing that most of us may have in common is that it's coming to an end! Finally! This presidential election season is the most devise in my memory. As a young man I can remember the 1960 Kennedy/Nixon campaign as the one I began to follow and attempting to understand. The missile gap, Richard Nixon campaigned in all 50 states, with the votes in ...read more
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    Thursday, October 13, 2016
    The Culver City Chamber has taken on a responsible review of many tax issues facing the voters on our November 8 General Election Ballot. Our recommendations can be reviewed in out stands on the November 8 Election article on the top of today's weekly e-biz news.   We realize that it takes governmental revenues to run a governmental agency or in this case multiple agencies. I think the Chamber's ...read more
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    Thursday, October 06, 2016
    SONY Pictures Entertainment (SPE) set a standard for a committed business community at the Centennial Gala held last Saturday night at SPE. The venue on a cool fall evening outside of the SPE Dining Room, where appetizers, a wonderful buffet by SONY caterer Wolfgang Puck was served to all in attendance. An outstanding documentary written and narrated by Richard Clayman with City Historian Julie ...read more
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    Thursday, September 29, 2016
    In February of 2012 Governor Brown and the state legislature  eliminated redevelopment agencies from California, there by eliminating local economic development as we knew it Culver City and needed housing for many people that live in our community,  Many looked at the cost of adjusting life without redevelopment was to pass an additional half cent sales tax to cover the loss of local funding, of ...read more
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