The SONY Standard and The Centennial

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October 06, 2016
SONY Pictures Entertainment (SPE) set a standard for a committed business community at the Centennial Gala held last Saturday night at SPE. The venue on a cool fall evening outside of the SPE Dining Room, where appetizers, a wonderful buffet by SONY caterer Wolfgang Puck was served to all in attendance. An outstanding documentary written and narrated by Richard Clayman with City Historian Julie Lugo Cerra, set the background for this yearlong celebration.
In my mind the highlight of the evening was a $50,000 contribution to the Culver City Education Foundation made by SONY as away of marking the City's Centennial, thus giving to lasting contribution during our centennial year. Spending the last 40 years involved in Culver City politics, hearing the evils of business in our city, knowing the caring creative, active leading edge business community and always remembering the words of Harry H. Culver, the gentlemen that dreamed of a new city half way between downtown Los Angeles and the resort of Venice. He always knew it took a balance of business and residence to make a successful city and thus successful community.
The business community's continuing support of charitable not for profits in Culver City, from education, child welfare, private schools, religious based organizations has made Culver City a far better place to live and raise our families, as President/CEO of the Culver City Chamber of Commerce, I fail to say THANK YOU enough to the businesses in Culver City!
In closing, I once again want to THANK Sony Pictures Entertainment for their very special contribution to the Culver City Education Foundation and the Culver City Community by calling Culver City, California home.
That's what I think...

Steven J. Rose, ACE

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