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November 03, 2016
Not only will there be change at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave next year, Culver City will be seeing an ever increasing pace of change in our local economy! Change for the sake of change may not always be good; change that plans on bringing a better standard of living for many people has the opportunity of lifting more people out of government assistance.
The City of Culver City is building out Culver Connects, a municipal fiber-optic system that a great majority of Culver City Businesses will be able to content through a choice of a local ISP. This 576 strand network will be complete in August of next year.
As we speak, Sony Pictures are moving from the Sony Pictures Plaza into their new office building on their lot, as plans are being finalized for creation of Culver ONE the new creative office building that once housed Sony. Culver City Creative (C3), a new seven story creative office building in Fox Hills is being built, The Entrada Creative Office Building, next to the Doubletree Hotel goes in front of the planning commission next week.
All this goes along with the beginnings of a modernization of The Culver Studios, Parcel B Project in front of The Culver Studios, The Ivy Station at the EXPO Line along with expansion of Nantworks Culver City's future is bright, we need to keep our eyes on ball to insure that JOB growth remains in the forefront of civic pride. #CulverPride, can and should be used by everyone to insure our future of growth and not stagnation.

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