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October 27, 2016
As we near November 8th General Election, the only thing that most of us may have in common is that it's coming to an end! Finally! This presidential election season is the most devise in my memory. As a young man I can remember the 1960 Kennedy/Nixon campaign as the one I began to follow and attempting to understand. The missile gap, Richard Nixon campaigned in all 50 states, with the votes in Illinois being the difference in the election. Mr. Nixon understood America and how his challenge to the vote count may have split America even more than it was in the fall of 1960.
I bring this up in the background of Mr. Trump's comments in the last presidential debate, the true challenge to the newly elected president will be to attempt to unite the United States to let us progress in a direction that will be welcome the majority of our citizens and go to any extreme to pass laws, administratively impose policies that do not help the majority of Americans.
Our next President needs to go to Congress to build an understanding that will get some of the long standing issues settled to America's financial stability can be set for another generation instead of avoiding the issue, immigration needs to settled, to assist in getting the stagnant wage issue settled for our middle class families that are struggling in this flat economy.
I can go on and on, what I want out of the next four years and beyond to return to a government that has the executive branch talking to the legislative branch and vise versa! When I say talking to each other that implies listening to the other side and coming up with sensible answers for the American People.
That's what I think...

Steven J. Rose, ACE

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