Taxes! Taxes! Taxes!

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October 13, 2016
The Culver City Chamber has taken on a responsible review of many tax issues facing the voters on our November 8 General Election Ballot. Our recommendations can be reviewed in out stands on the November 8 Election article on the top of today's weekly e-biz news.
We realize that it takes governmental revenues to run a governmental agency or in this case multiple agencies. I think the Chamber's stands are realistic taking into consideration of our economy and past promises that the governor told us four years ago when passing a state wide tax increase, along with non elected regional agencies that may not run as efficiently as local government.
Let me explain!

First let me repeat myself, the Culver City Chamber in the past two decades has supported all local school bonds and parcel taxes as well as Culver City's half cent sales tax increase to help bridge the loss of revenues when the governor closed down local redevelopment agencies in 2012. We have been responsible in our decision making process. We are supporting Culver City's Measure CW on Storm Water, a mandated EPA program that will hopefully send local storm water into the Ballona Creek cleaner than it has been over the past.
California Propositions
Proposition 55 breaks a promise the Governor made in 2012 when he ask for a temporary tax increase and now state governments miss spending over the last four years, instead of being prudent in building programs is asking us to extend a income increase on the higher income families indefinitely.
Proposition 56, a $2 per pack increase in cigarettes, will only drive the "Black Market," in cigarette sales and not solve the issue of cigarette smoking.
Los Angeles County/Regional Measures
Measure A, we oppose since the current county park tax has proven to be a benefit to local residents, since, we the property owners in the city are paying more in the tax that what we have received back in benefits, their just has to be more accountability.
Measure M, Metro's half-cent sales tax increase upon an exciting half-cent sales tax is hitting the lower economic income families in the county, since they spend a greater percentage of the income on taxable items than higher income families. Metro needs to review its policies on collecting fares, rates, collection methods and expenditures that do not assist the vast majority of citizens using transit and roadways.

That's what I think...

Steven J. Rose, ACE

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