• History for history sake!.... 07/25/2014

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    July 25, 2014
    History for history sake!
    Culver City has a 30 plus-year-old Historical Preservation Ordinance that has been followed and not followed over the years by city staff who is knowledgeable about these matters.
    I bring this up because on Monday night the Culver City Council will discuss the historical ranking of the old ice rink building. This building on Sepulveda is over 50 years old and under state law qualifies to be judged for some historical markings for further bureaucratic delays. This building has no significant architectural features unlike the beloved Helms Bakery Building, Beacon Laundry, The Washington Building, The Culver Hotel, The Citizen Building and The Hull Building (Akasha Restaurant) that all have significant architectural features that make them iconic in Culver City. All these buildings have had many different lives in Culver City, reinvented and redone time after time.
    The ownership of all the above listed buildings have worked to maintain the integrity of the architecture over the years while repurposing there original uses. Now we come to a tilt-up cement rectangle on Sepulveda Blvd that was used as an Ice Rink since 1962 until February of this year. The designer of the building, not an architect at the time of design had architectural features in his design that were never incorporated in the construction of the building, maybe because of costs?
    Making history is more than just wishing history and changing meanings to meet your goal. History like buildings needs to be significant beyond substandard criteria of history. We cannot and should not lower historic relevance to meet someone's goal. We should raise our standards! I cannot wait until a building on Washington Blvd comes to their attention when an old use was a "House of Prostitution" and see what significance that will have on Cultural Affairs?
    Just a reminder to those naysayers! This is my personal opinions not those of the Culver City Chamber of Commerce.
    That's what I think...
    Steven J. Rose, ACE, President/CEO
    ssssteve@culvercitychamber.com, 310-287-3855
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