The Culver City Chamber of Commerce is the business community’s most effective advocate at all levels of government.

We are the champions of free enterprise and promote an economic climate that encourages new business investment in our community.  The Chamber is dedicated to keeping you informed through legislative updates and “calls to action.”

We provide sample letters, and voter registration information, as well as quick email communication to your legislators via our easy-to-use advocacy tools.

Governmental Advocacy Guide

The Culver City Chamber of Commerce is the authoritative voice that advocates and represents business’ interests and viewpoints on issues affecting their community. In order to promote those goals and objectives, the Chamber has adopted the following business advocacy policies. These guidelines reflect the precedent of the Chamber on these issues and can provide guidance in instances where prompt action is needed.

Economic Development

The Culver City Chamber supports public policies that encourage responsible development through rational taxation and minimized regulatory burdens. As Culver City continues to develop, we support:

  • Governmental action that keeps medical, fraud, liability, and litigation costs to a minimum.
  • The entertainment industry as a major component of economic development
  • Reasonable quality commercial and residential development.

We must support legislation that provides for the reasonable needs of government by encouraging economic development and allowing businesses to compete on a level playing field in the marketplace.


The Culver City Chamber supports an effective and efficient transportation infrastructure as pivotal to the economic success of Culver City and the region.

Public Safety

The Culver City Chamber supports responsible policy that promotes the Culver City tradition of providing high-quality Public Safety Services. Public Safety is a key factor for continued economic development that maintains a great quality of life and a dynamic business community.

Health Care

The Culver City Chamber supports access to quality healthcare as being essential for all. Funding for healthcare should be equitably based and avoid an undue burden on business.


The Culver City Chamber supports schools and quality educational programs because they are critical to maintaining a workforce that will be adequately equipped to handle the economic and social needs of Culver City. These programs are necessary for the region’s continued economic growth.
Quality schools and educational programs will ensure the city’s unique position as a desirable place to live and work.

Board Approval 9.27.05

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